Giuseppe (JP) Piccinini

JP & Associates REALTORS®

Founder of JP & Associates REALTORS® (JPAR), Giuseppe (JP) Piccinini continues to push the envelope amid a pandemic, ensuring that his brokerage stays agent-focused. With an expansion to 19 franchised states in just two years time, JPAR is not only one of the fastest-growing brokerages, but also a hub for tech advancements and solutions. Piccinini is dedicated to helping agents secure more listings, as well as guiding his agents through a global pandemic and many natural disasters in 2020. An innovator for services, tools and support, seemingly no obstacle has gotten in his way as he led his company into profitable expansions and, ultimately, success.


Giuseppe (JP) Piccinini | Founder

JP & Associates REALTORS®

“Don’t seek perfection. Instead, be obsessed with the constant pursuit of progress. Perfection doesn’t exist, and if it did...too soon it would be disguised in the form of complacency."

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