Joe La Rosa

La Rosa Realty

In 2019, Joe La Rosa, founder and CEO of Florida-based La Rosa Realty, entered a partnership with Chuck Scoble, president of California-based Better Homes Realty, despite the fact that their two firms were located in opposite corners of the U.S. Connected by a mutual friend, the two leaders quickly discovered they were kindred spirits and formed a unique alliance to meet the demands of today’s real estate business.

The companies didn’t merge, but rather joined forces to provide the tools, technology and training their agents need to thrive in the changing landscape. La Rosa and Scoble realized they could turn their similarities into an alliance allowing both firms to retain their brands yet capitalize on their synergies.

Joe La Rosa | Founder & CEO

La Rosa Realty

“Our goal is to become the brands of choice for real estate agents and to be the leaders in the agent-centric, consumer-first era of real estate.”