Victor Lund

WAV Group

Victor Lund’s futurism is technology-focused. A business consultant who has made his mark by co-founding the WAV Group in 2004 and leading it since, Lund boasts of predicting the “profound impact” that machine learning technology would play on real estate—with such developments coming to a head in 2023.

On a personal front, Lund lists two major accomplishments during 2023. For one, his book “Acquiring More Profit: The Definitive Guide to Successful Real Estate Brokerage Mergers & Acquisitions,” co-written with George Slusser, was published in July. In his consultant role, he also worked with the Broker Public Portal to relaunch their product with improved efficiency.

Lund voices loud pride in being able to take a bird’s-eye view of the real estate industry and shape all corners of it.

“I lead a firm of highly skilled executives that operate at the center of real estate brokerage, the multiple listing services and the technology firms that serve the industry. The view of the operational symphony that supports our industry is magnificent,” he says.

Victor Lund

WAV Group
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