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In 2022, Olivia Merrill made a multitude of moves to take her community and her team toward the future.

For her community, Merrill joined the Denver Metro Association Gives Board, which works to give everyone access to stable housing, equality in the home-buying process and support in achieving self-sufficiency in life. She also partnered with a local business to bring ”coffee and community” together, and was able to assist them in building their clientele and profits.

For her team, Merrill assisted them in hitting Double Black Diamond per 5280 Magazine through annual production and mentoring newer agents.

“The most rewarding part of my career is the ability to grow – personally and professionally,” shares Merrill. “Not only does my business grow in volume but I also have the opportunity to touch the lives of more people every single year. The expansion is the most rewarding part. The more and more I grow, the more I see others around me doing the same…clients, friends and otherwise.”

Olivia Merrill
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