Rob Barber

ATTOM Data Solutions

Rob Barber directs the curation of one of the nation’s top real estate databases and leads product innovation to promote the company’s core mission of increasing transparency in the industry. ATTOM produces highly sought-after housing market trend reports that are referenced in major print publications and on national television programs, providing consumers with objective, data-based insights into trends in the real estate market.

In addition to basic figures related to home sales and home price trends, ATTOM’s reports delve into often-overlooked segments of the market. ATTOM is working under Barber’s leadership to bring more comprehensive real estate data to the marketplace and deliver it in more cost-effective ways to make it available to a wider range of companies. ATTOM’s data is frequently used by companies fueling real estate portals, software applications and products, including leading real estate franchises, lenders and other mortgage service providers, predictive analytics for lead generation, real estate investors and developers, single-family rental marketplaces and insurance claims service providers.

Rob Barber | CEO

ATTOM Data Solutions

In the past year, ATTOM acquired Onboard Informatics, a leading provider of neighborhood data and data-enabled turnkey products to the real estate industry, and integrated Onboard's best-in-class neighborhood data into the ATTOM Data Warehouse.