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  1. Julie Cambra says:

    It is, and always has been, the Sellers Agent who offers a percentage of their commission to the Co-operating Agent with the Sellers agreement as to the percentage.
    This other Agent could be a Buyers Agent or also representing the Seller.
    This percentage is not fixed, except by market forces, and can vary from listing to listing.
    Where is the room for collusion?
    NAR has never told me what to charge!

  2. Robert Kelsey says:

    Now that selling prices for prime properties run into the multi-million dollar range, perhaps the client should expect to negotiate the commission

  3. Betty Mann-Beebe says:

    The Seller agrees to a commission to selling Broker. What the selling Broker does with the commission his to decide. Selling Broker can offer a portion to a Buyers Broker to help sell the property. How is that anti-trust if both parties are aware?

  4. It seems apparent to me that our seller was once a buyer and reaped the benefits of the seller paying the buyer’s agent commission, if the buyer elected to be represented. I am witness to and been a part of commissions being altered just like sales price during the terms of the negotiations in the transaction. The Texas listing agreement is very clear as to how the commissions are distributed to both the listing Broker and selling Broker.

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