Jordan Grice and Jesse Williams

Jordan Grice is a contributor for RISMedia and Jesse Williams is content director for RISMedia Premier.

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  1. Richard Stoner says:

    I know that as an agent/broker practitioner, if I had a transaction in escrow and suddenly learned the buyer agency commission being paid by the seller, was deemed illegal, I would quickly suggest the seller offer a seller subsidy in the same amount, as often do with certain inspection/home conditions which require several thousand dollars to repair. IT saves the transaction ( provided the seller does not have multiple offers at higher prices) in the case of inspection items, and it would save the buyer from having to separately pay the buyer’s agent. Over time, this could become the norm, but DOJ should realize that it is no different than the current system whereby the MLS includes and amount for buyer’s agency which is disclosed in the listing and made a part of the home sale contract. Over time, it could result in buyer commisions being negotiated lower, and it seems that DOJ is out to make that cost front and center for buyers to decide and act on before writing a home purchase contract. I, for one, will continue to suggest to sellers that offering buyer agency commision is simply one of many marketing decisions, like advertising, home staging, photography, etc. All parts of the marketing mix are important in attracting attention to the property being sold and sellers with their agents, should make informed decisions about how best to sell their properties.

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