Jordan Grice and Jesse Williams

Jordan Grice is a contributor for RISMedia and Jesse Williams is content director for RISMedia Premier.

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  1. Richard Stoner says:

    IT should be irrelevant, but clearly publicized, that in many professions, the resources go toward the higher grossing projects. There is clearly a pyramid in any free market economy, whereby the development projects ( and individual home purchase projects) which are likely to have higher gross margins, will get more resources devoted to them. This is not relevant to the price fixing/buyer brokerage payment/agency cost structure issues being decided in these lawsuits. Plenty of comparisons exist in the free market – i.e. lawyers higher rates being related to greater effect on bottom line their advice may give, etc. This part about an agent devoting more time and energy to the higher paying projects is simply part of the free market economy, and so Chicago Law professor Samuel Levmore should recognize this as not being relevant to the case at hand.

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