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Paige Brown is the managing editor, blog/social media for RISMedia.

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  1. Kimberlee Fisher says:

    Thanks, Paige, for writing such a beautiful, well-written report about how to win in your market. This report resonates with me so much that I am rethinking how I can become more successful in real estate. I am new to real estate sales. I have background in title, mortgage, legal and sales in home accents, such as, vases & wall art. I am currently on the board of my community association. It has been a struggle to get business. People buy home accents from me but no success in listing or sale of a property.

    My niche in this business is the sale of home accents. People love to add their sense of self within space. Home accents help them create an extension of themselves and present to others what their interests are.

    Your report gives good tips on how to build relationships, partnerships and collaborations within the community.
    Perhaps this avenue will help take my real estate business to the next level. Thanks for the food for thought.

    It was a good read.
    Thanks for your time and care in writing it.

    All the Best,

  2. Lindsay Fanali says:

    This was a really great report! Such great advice and practices to follow for building strong relationships to help grow your real estate business and to become a local expert that people know, like, and trusr in your market. These are certaintly some of the best ways to earn clients from referrals and repeat business. Being a new agent, if it’s one thing that I’ve learned thus far, there is nothing more valuable than that. when it comes to your success as a real estate professional. Plus, these positive activities just make us feel good, as we serve our community and the people who live and work in it! I will save this report to refer back to and share with other agents that I know and on social media. Thank you for such timeless, valuable content!

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