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6 Interesting Places for Luxury Real Estate Agents to Find Affluent Clients

In real estate, relationships are absolutely everything. While you may have no trouble nurturing client relationships, finding those relationships can sometimes be a challenge. As a luxury real estate agent, networking should be as habitual as brushing your teeth. Every single day is an exciting chance to grow your network, and the more you branch […]

6 Common Habits of Successful Upper-Tier Real Estate Agents

While every real estate professional has his or her unique qualities and habits, there are some common habits and tendencies that many of The Institute’s successful real estate professionals recommend. 1. Balance Work and Personal Life Although difficult, Institute members’ No. 1 recommendation is to realize that it is more than possible to provide exceptional […]

How Women Are Influencing the Face of Luxury Real Estate in the Modern Era

According to Time magazine, the number of female billionaires grew faster globally in 2017 than the number of male billionaires. This redistribution of wealth has seen an impact on luxury real estate both in its purchase and design attributes—and, obviously, this is important for REALTORS® to recognize when relating to their clients. Some reasons for this […]

Secrets to Working With Luxury Buyers

One of the biggest differences when dealing with buyers and sellers in the luxury real estate market is that—unlike their counterparts in the traditional market—in many situations, these clients will not actually need to purchase or sell a home. They simply want to—especially if it’s their second or third home! This can lead to erratic behaviors and […]

Top 5 Ways to Connect With Your Luxury Audience

Making sure you are implementing the right targeting strategies is so crucial when it comes to connecting with the wealthy. As revealed in our previous blog, “Top Secrets of Working With High-Net Worth Individuals,” today’s elite are comprised of a very different audience when compared with the demographics as little as 10 years ago. These […]

How to Make Your Luxury Listing Stand Out

The process of selling a luxury home is simply different. There are fewer buyers, so naturally, agents need to not only create the “wow” factor, but also implement marketing strategies that capture the attention of other agents and potential buyers. Here are some suggestions when building a strategy to enthrall your potential audience. Keep Up-to-Date […]