Allen Alishahi


Allen Alishahi is co-founder and president of ShelterZoom Corp., a real estate technology company founded with partner Chao Cheng-Shorland in 2017. Under their joint leadership, ShelterZoom has since established a market-leading position in blockchain technology and received multiple global awards.

Alishahi considered 2019 a monumental year for ShelterZoom, as the company launched a fully digital, tokenized smart contract platform called Mithra Contract to revolutionize the way people buy, sell or rent property. 

Alishahi says his role requires him to “wear a lot of hats.” He explains, “On any given day I can be overseeing our sales team, connecting with our partners or investors, talking with our CTO about the latest iteration of our products, or talking with real estate agents about what products we can develop that would make their jobs easier.”

Alishahi is a real estate broker and business strategist with nearly 30 years of experience building high-performing sales organizations, driving record-setting revenues and attaining market dominance. Before co-founding ShelterZoom, he founded and led a number of successful real estate and lending companies based in New York. 

“In a certain way, I consider myself a late bloomer,” says Alishahi. “It is an extraordinary experience to be able to launch a tech startup after 30 years of being a dealmaker. I am helping to bring next-generation technology to our industry, which presents an enjoyable challenge.”

Allen Alishahi
Co-Founder & President

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