Luciane Serifovic

Luxian International Realty

Luciane Serifovic, a well-known New York luxury real estate agent and former champion fitness model, recently founded Luxian International Realty, a luxury virtual real estate company and the only woman-owned business that focuses on serving high-net-worth clients in the sports and entertainment industries. Luxian uses blockchain technology to help clients around the world find the homes or investments of their dreams and enjoy healthy and sustainable lifestyles. The company also offers services related to aviation, yachting, luxury cars and property management.

When Serifovic started out in the real estate business, she was a young immigrant from Brazil who spoke little English. Although she didn’t know much about New York City, a real estate office manager in Manhattan decided to give her a chance. Over the next 17 years, she handled thousands of high-end New York real estate transactions, representing clients from all over the world.

Luciane Serifovic | CEO & Founder

Luxian International Realty

"One of the only things that is guaranteed in life is change. Technology helps change happen faster, and the best way to exist is to embrace it. But never forget the customer's needs and satisfaction always come before the pursuit of profit."