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A Distinction That Makes a Difference

This article first appeared in Real Estate magazine’s special-edition Women in Real Estate issue. View the entire issue here. Three years ago, my business partner Darryl

Why Use Metaphors and Analogies When Talking With Clients?

When I teach real estate agents how to conduct listing appointments, we always cover topics like handling objections and negotiating offers, but I want to dive into why using metaphors and analogies is so important.

Focus and Finish Lines

What you focus on can either empower or disempower you. The awesome thing is that we get to choose what gets our attention, even in

Why You Need to Be Sold on Your Broker

I had a question from a brand-new agent who is working with a broker/mentor and is struggling with the feeling that he is being held

No. 1 Focus: Building Listing Inventory

This year has been challenging, to say the least. Leaning into technology, presenting virtually and closing on homes digitally or socially distanced has made for

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