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Why a Seller Needs a Marketing Agent

Fierce competition is a reality in today’s housing industry. Showing your value and setting yourself apart to potential clients who are considering several other listing

5 Ways to Mentor a Brand-New Agent

Mentoring is one of the most fulfilling challenges an experienced agent can take on, especially for those wanting to grow their team with the right

How to Reinvent Your Value Proposition

WHAT: It’s the battle of the future for brokerages and their ability to control the agent-to-consumer relationship, which will have a dramatic effect on future

Meet the Newsmakers: Honoring the Educators

In today’s unpredictable times, information, training and guidance are more critical to real estate success than ever before. Many of this year’s Real Estate Newsmakers

Prospecting With an Abundance Mindset

Prospecting. The very thought can create anxiety, especially when housing inventory is already low. Out of millions of agents across the country, why should they

Why Your Only Real Competition Is Yourself

In an industry that is filled with fierce competition, success is not just about being “the best.” With millions of agents across the nation fighting

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