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Daniel Ramsey is the founder and CEO of MyOutDesk, rated No. 1 virtual assistant service by TechRadar. With over 6,000 clients and 700-plus verified five-star reviews, he helps businesses gain indispensable leverage with virtual real estate professionals

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What Virtual Assistants Can and Cannot Do for Loan Processors

With everything going on in the world today, professionals across the board—including mortgage loan officers—are feeling the pressure. One way they’re dealing with the added strain is by leveraging virtual assistants (VAs). In fact, more and more brokerages are turning to virtual assistant services to fill out their staff with experienced professionals capable of handling…

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Tips for Property Tech Tool Adoption

Tools with the lowest engagement often have the lowest awareness, but there's good news, too—tools with low awareness frequently have the highest satisfaction levels among those who do use them. Here are a few strategies to improve awareness of tech tools and increase adoption rates. Read more.

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