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3 Reasons Why Advancing Technology Will Help Real Estate Agents

Technology is rapidly advancing in every aspect of our lives, and while it can improve some business models and processes, there is some concern that technological advances may eventually replace some professions, namely real estate agents. However, it’s become increasingly evident that finding a proper balance between technology and personalized service is the key to…

Millennial Buyers vs. Housing Market: The Struggle to Find a Home

The National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) has recently completed its long-running “Generational Trends” survey to provide intriguing information on the trends impacting home buyers and sellers by generation. Seeing how different generations approach the home buying process can help real estate agents better serve these clients and tap into these trends. Let’s explore some key…

Commentary: 8 Things Your Real Estate Clients Expect From You

Without accounting for your real estate clients’ common needs and expectations, you might be underperforming and risk losing their business. Here are eight things your real estate clients are expecting from you as their real estate professional: Be available. Make yourself available to your clients as often as possible. Even if you cannot answer right…

Six Kitchen Renovations With a High Return on Investment

As the saying goes, “the kitchen is the heart of your home.” When selling a home though, most real estate professionals will vouch that—as far as home improvements are concerned—kitchen renovations are worthy investments that will likely increase your resale value. DIY expert and licensed contractor Beth Allen shares six common kitchen renovation ideas with…

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Why You Need a Real Estate CRM

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