Itzy Garay

Brown Harris Stevens

Throughout her career, Itzy Garay—senior EVP/managing director of sales in Brooklyn—has shown outstanding leadership through mentorship and proven results, all while overseeing sales and management operations for six offices. In 2023, her focus remained steadfast on fostering motivation, growth and unity within Brown Harris Stevens.

Last year, Garay teamed up with other executives to start a weekly newsletter aimed at inspiring and enlightening colleagues in leadership roles. She also introduced “Coffee Talk”—an initiative designed to unite agents outside the confines of the office and encourage open discussions about market trends, fostering collaboration and fresh insights. She also empowered one of her managers to spearhead the launch of a mentorship program designed to inspire by fostering meaningful connections and facilitating knowledge transfer.

In addition, last year Garay held a series of engaging team-building activities to bolster camaraderie, enhance teamwork and promote a cohesive work environment. She also started an initiative to recognize agents more for achievements such as high priced deals, good collabs, first sales, unique marketing ideas and more.

To Garay, the most rewarding aspect of her career can be summed up in one word: people.

“To me, true fulfillment comes from witnessing individuals transform and succeed. Observing the growth and accomplishments of those I’ve had the privilege to work with consistently illuminates my path,” she explains. “If I were to distill the pinnacle of satisfaction from this journey, it’s undoubtedly the privilege of collaborating with exceptionally talented individuals. Collaborating with diverse individuals weaves a tapestry of unmatched joy.”

Itzy Garay
Senior Executive Vice President, Managing Director of Sales, Brooklyn

Brown Harris Stevens
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