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7 Proven Ways to Simplify Lead Generation and Double Your Income

Lead generation in real estate is overcomplicated. Everyone wants to “get the lead,” and perhaps each agent feels that an online lead or a paid lead is a more qualified and ready buyer or seller. Let’s face it; most aren’t, and they come with a referral fee. The most successful real estate agents with over […]

Teams: 4 Methods to Coach Your Agents to Win More Listings

Every agent on your team should know your unique and exclusive value proposition and, more importantly, be able to communicate it effectively to win listing appointments every time. We know there are many components to a marketing presentation (or listing presentation), and how your team members deliver your unique message during these presentations means either […]

Fourth Quarter Events for Agent Retention and Growth

Successful real estate businesses host events for their agents throughout the year—company-wide, regionally, etc.—to recognize achievement, build camaraderie and propel increased production. This is key for ensuring agent retention and growth. The upcoming fourth quarter presents an ideal time for you to host an event specifically focusing on key facets of your business success—namely planning, […]

Keeping Current to Maintain Your Agents’ Success

The real estate industry is constantly evolving. Market conditions change, new companies and business models emerge, and advanced technologies are developed and embraced by brokers, agents and our clients alike. Brokers and managers must recognize the reality of these changes and continually strive to keep their value proposition relevant and impactful. This takes a commitment […]