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Highly Directive and Supportive Leadership Style Drives Agent Sales Success

As a broker or sales manager, your entire future sales revenue depends upon creating valuable relationships with each of your sales associates. When your agents rely on you for more than making sure the lights work at the office or that admin tasks are getting done, they look to you as a business partner and…

6 Steps to Attracting Top Talent to Your Company

As a broker or manager your entire future sales revenue depends on continuously hiring productive real estate agents into your organization and yet the focus on recruiting is often not top priority. For the sustainability, growth and consistent sales and profit of your business, having a results-oriented strategy to attract top talent must be executed…

To Truly Excel in Sales, ‘the Fortune Is in the Follow-Up’

It is really no secret. Real estate sales is a contact sport, one in which you need to be face-to-face with potential buyers and sellers every day. Yet, most agents do not have a systematic, effective follow-up plan to convert potential leads into listings, sales and ultimately, income.  The fortune is in the follow-up and…

Jump Start 2023 With a Team Business-Planning Event

Leading your team requires implementing the new technology, marketing and sales skills to help them compete at a higher level and win. It means staying ahead of the competition and providing your team with the knowledge, resources, tools to keep them out in front with better innovation and added value to offer the consumer. Creating…

Time to Level Up: Changing Times Demand Your ‘A-Game’

The real estate market has and will always be a fast paced, rapidly changing environment and like in other similar but not the same conditions, brokers, executives and sales leaders need to pivot and reprioritize quickly to be able to react, maintain and grow and weather the storm. Tough environments bring out the strong leaders…

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Helping Them Buy Their First Home is Just the Start

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